Lazer Tag at Walther's Golf & Fun is a serious blast!

Expect fresh and intense action, with up to 25 people per game! Spectators in the lobby can even watch the game LIVE on four flat panel displays outside the Arena.

Lazer Tag players do not need to meet any minimum age requirement to play.
However, while our Arena isn't intentionally "scary," the game does take place in a darkened room with loud music. The equipment worn/carried by players may also be heavy or cumbersome for small children.

In our experience, children typically enjoy playing Lazer Tag most who are five years or older. If you are unsure if your child is ready to play, one of our employees will be happy to let you and your child tour the arena and try on the equipment vest and blaster.

Also, please note that you have exceeded our maximum age limit only if you no longer like to have fun!

Lazer Tag is $7 per person. Game play time is 15 minutes following a 5 minute instructional briefing.

Walther's Golf & Fun
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